10/14 Itinerary: Escondido HS

The first competition of the 2023 season is coming up this Saturday, October 14, at Escondido High School. The itinerary for the day is included below.

Remember that you MUST notify Mr. Magana via email that you will be going to the homecoming dance if he didn’t get your name down this morning. If you are leaving from Escondido for homecoming, you are packing up your personal possessions to take back with you! E.g. : instrument, shoes, make up, and turf spray, etc.

9/30 Itinerary: North County Preview Show

The North County Preview Show is coming up this Saturday, September 30 at Mission Hills High School. Check out the itinerary below!

Mission Hills Itinerary Printable Download

Mission Hills High School 1 Mission Hills Ct, San Marcos, CA 92069 September 30th, 2023

12:00 PM Call time @ OHS for Band Photos
12:15 PM Get into uniforms
12:40 PM Photos will be taken
12:45 PM-2:00 PM Individuals/Groups will be able to take photos
2:00 PM-3:00 PM Students go get food or eat food they have brought lunch/Load Penske Truck
3:10 PM-3:30 PM Students get on the bus/Leadership will check if their sections are on the bus
4:00 PM Arrive at Mission Hills High School/Use bathroom
4:30 PM Start getting into uniform
5:00 PM In uniform and lined up winds ready to go into two’s/battery with Josh/Guard with Kristen/Front Ensemble with Olivia
5:05 PM Warm up
5:35 PM Start heading down to the stadium (full band)
5:45 PM Star Spangled Banner rehearsal in the stadium
6:15 PM Warm up/Show prep/Show staging. (sections can branch off)
6:50 PM Head back to stadium
7:00 PM Welcome/National Anthem
Watch other groups in the stands
7:15 PM Classical Academy Performs
7:35 PM La Costa Canyon performs
After La Costa Canyon High School performs, Oceanside will go to warm up
7:55 PM Oceanside High School Performs, then clinic
8:10 PM Make our way back to the stands
8:15 PM San Marcos High School performs
8:35 PM Mission Hills performs
9:05 PM Back in the buses/roll call
9:35 PM back at OHS

*Please arrive with hair/makeup already done and dressed appropriately (black socks, shirts) to be ready for pictures.
*There will be designated band student sections in the stands so that the students can watch and cheer for each other.

*Students can bring money to buy from the concessions at Mission Hills High School